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All Hail the Veil, and styled shoots

Generally I'm all for new ideas, and I have to admit the veil isn't exactly revolutionary. However, for veils just like everything else in weddings, you have the choice!

From the long cathedral one to the short funky one. Of course different veils are supposed to match different levels of formality, but I don't think there are such things as rules when it comes to your day, you should just wear whatever you fancy!

As a photographer I always like some originality and love the idea of something different (and that your groom is not likely to trip on during the first dance, always a bonus trust me), for example this.

I also see longer veils as an extra accessory to play with, and I was oh so pleased to have the opportunity to photograph a model with a veil. Styled shoots are nothing like weddings because of the controlled conditions: lighting can be adjusted and there is plenty of time. Having a model in a studio and a real bride at a wedding are two very different things, and while I'm absolutely thrilled by the adrenaline of fast paced weddings and the hunt for authentic moments, it is also fabulous to take the time to experiment and photograph for fun only. I took the photos featured in this post during the styled shoot, let me know what you think... Will you be wearing a veil on your big day?

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