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Who am I?

I'm a professional photographer established in Hamburg since 2020. Before this I lived in the UK and I am originally from France.

What gear do I use?

Canon 5D mark IV and L lenses.

Can I have the raw files?

You can, but I would like to know why so please speak to me about this beforehand.

What is the difference between a full session and a mini session?

A full session is tailored to your needs: we take the time to ensure you get the photographs that are really you, including change of place, outfits, props, whatever it takes! Ten photos are included with the session fee, but there are often a lot more to choose from and buy if you wish.

A mini session is on a set date, one setting, no more than 20 minutes, and only includes three photos chosen by me, it's the cheapest you could ever book me for!

What should we wear?

Anything you'd like! For portrait I have a personal preference for the most discreet patterns and neutral tones, so that the focus is on the faces rather than the clothes. However, it is your photos so it's important that you choose the style that you love. Just pick clothes you feel great in and your personality will shine through. From a photographer's point of view however the two pieces of advice I have: 1) avoid wearing the exact same colour as the background, the camouflage look is rarely ideal, and 2) check that you like the outfits not only individually but also for the entire family together; make sure that you're happy with all the outfits next to each other by either laying them flat or a quick family check in front of the mirror before leaving the house!

What if it rains?

- For a mini session : I cannot reschedule, but you are free to cancel due to the weather. This is one of the reasons why the money is due on the day; if for whatever reason such as weather or emergency from your part you should cancel, you will not be charged. However I would appreciate if you could let me know as soon as possible so I can offer your spot to someone else.

- For a full session : we can reschedule no problem; the important is that you get photos you love.

Can you photograph our wedding?

Although I originally trained as a wedding photographer and have years of experience, I also have young children who get upset if they don't see me all weekend, so I have only limited availability for weddings. However please feel free to enquire!

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