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How to nail your Photoshoot

If you have not posed before, a photoshoot can be a little daunting, but it doesn't have to be!

From my experience, here are the ingredients of a successful portrait session:

1/ Fun

And the list could stop there. My clients who are having fun during their photoshoot are the most photogenic, because this is when I get to capture them being spontaneous and relaxed. I have ideas and a lot of Pinterest boards for inspiration, but the best pictures are often the ones suggested by the models themselves: any creative idea of poses that you may have is a good idea as it will make your photographs truly unique and personal.

2/ Clothes/hair/make-up

The one single important thing about these is that you feel great on the day of the shoot. If you are comfortable and feel beautiful your expressions and body language will show it, and you'll look amazing on the pictures. It doesn't mean that you have to spend hours and hundreds in clothes and beauty, in fact in portrait often the most simple outfits create the most striking images, leaving the focus on the face. It is really all about you: if you feel gorgeous in whatever you're wearing, it will show in photos.


3/ Partners in crime

Posing with someone you actually get on with opens a whole world of creative possibilities, and goes back to point number 1.

4/ Light

I can make the most of any given location and lighting condition, however, as a bit of advice, sessions scheduled outdoors in the late afternoon will have fantastic lighting for optimal images.

5/ Photographer

Choose them wisely to make sure they will help you feel relaxed and get the best out of you. If you go with me I have a bank of jokes at the ready in case of an emergency need of laughter. I also have lenses allowing me to get outstanding results while standing at a certain distance from you, because I know my models for the day sometimes need to be given space to interact more spontaneously, and it's easier to forget you're being photographed when you don't have a big lens pointed right in front of your nose!

6/ Little details

For brides:

You've got it sorted with your dress, hair and make-up, plus the excitement of the day, you will look stunning for sure. Now two little things easily forgotten but important: your hands will be visible in a lot of shots, so you may want to pay a special attention to your nails before the big day; and it is also good to have pressed powder to avoid shining (if I'm your photographer I will carry mattifying anti-shine paper anyway)

For portrait session:

If you are posing as a couple, family or friends, it is a good idea to double check that what you are wearing is not clashing before you leave the house. If you are wearing nail varnish you may want to check it is looking good as this is likely to show on pictures. If it's windy hairspray can also be an idea (again I carry some with me together with hair clips just in case) as too much flying hair can sometimes be distracting.

Let me know in the comments if there's anything else you think is important for a successful photoshoot!

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