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Wedding fair favourites

For brides to be, wedding fairs are a great way to see all your suppliers in one place. Not only is it useful for your planning, but it also allows you to meet vendors in person: if you are going to trust someone to be part of your important day, I believe it is reassuring to meet them in person before you book. Of course it can get tiring to be bombarded with information, but it is just a matter of finding the right fair, some of them are lovely!

Yesterday I was in Sussex, took a few shots you can see in this post and popped by the Eastbourne Wedding Spectacular to see if I could find any good ideas.

eastbourne seafront wedding photography
eastbourne pier wedding fair photography

From all the suppliers present there are three I would like to speak about:

Moe's Marshmallows

Why it got my attention:

They simply look wonderful and classy, which I didn't know was possible with marshmallows!

Why you'd want them for your wedding:

They are handcrafted and delicious in a variety of flavours (lemon, banana, rhubarb, violet, coconut, chocolate, vanilla, almond, coffee, walnut, rosewater, strawberry, peach, mint, ginger) and you can choose them to match your colour scheme. I think they would make great favours, and again they do look fabulous.

Where do you get more info:

WWII Experience

Why it got my attention:

Of all wedding transport I have seen, the replica Jeeps were a first of their kind!

Why you'd want it for your wedding:

Of course it is not for everyone, but if this is your theme, then this is your car, and they are even partnered with a lindy hop company so you could have dancers dressed in era: I think this would be a lot of vintage fun.

Where do you get more info:


Why it got my attention:

I mean, these birds are just very cool.

Why you'd want one at your wedding: to be honest I don't really know how exactly how you would incorporate say an owl within your wedding, but if you do I am ready to offer you a huge discount on your wedding photography as I would love to photograph such an original event.

Where do you get more info:

So these are my three finds of the weekend: what are yours? Any particular fair you enjoyed, or vendor that you think will bring the wow factor to your big day? Let us know in the comments!

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